Elwin & Hailey’s Perfect Playroom

Hailey and I had a challenge earlier this week – to make the perfect playroom! We both had our own ideas about how to make it ‘perfect’, but since we only had one room to work with, so we had to make our concepts work together – not nearly as easy as you might think!

Anyway, want to see what we came up with? Take a gander, kids!

A lot of this was Hailey’s design. I will (reluctantly) admit that it’s (kinda) awesome.


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  1. danny0303 says:

    I thought of something, maybe Webkinz could have a contest in which the winner would have an original room done by Hailey and Elwin!

  2. k says:

    awesome….my playroom consists of beach wallpaper and the rockerz limo, stuffies, and the jigsaw puzzle and the jack in the box

  3. Alex says:

    My bunny will love that playroom! It looks soooo cute!

  4. phenix says:

    i want that room so badly.please can i have it?please.please.please.please.PLEASE.I DO ANYTHING TO GET THAT ROOM!and i mean ANYTHING!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I like the playroom its awesome Hailey and Elwin! im working on this one rare room with an eight thousand dollar bed and i want it persian slash princessy is there any way u can help me with a few tips? My pets username is 3763195

  6. calibuglove says:

    AWSOME thats pretty good

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