Ella’s Mysterious Mail – Day 3!










This puzzling mystery is gaining strength. Since I last logged out, there have been four new pieces added to our puzzle. Things are starting to come together!

It looks like we’re really starting to see the bigger picture here, Webkinz fans. So what are your thoughts?

I’m still not  sure what this wacky puzzle could be. But as long as we keep working together, I’m positive we’ll figure it out. So keep your eyes on the prize my friends. This mystery is turning into a carnival of fun!

Logging out for now,


370 Responses to Ella’s Mysterious Mail – Day 3!

  1. barbie5620 says:

    it’s a wacky zingo parade float!

  2. akira says:

    ITS a wacky hot air balloon , I love balloons. i bet u can win it in a game

  3. ALOVA says:

    I think it’s wacky with two strings coming out of his hand

  4. Alice says:

    It looks like it might be a Zingoz hot air balloon!

  5. kierra says:

    i think it is a zingoz jump roping

  6. poop says:

    its a wacky zingo

  7. monkey zoo 552 says:

    it is a wacky hot air balloon.

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