Elwin & Hailey’s Perfect Playroom

Hailey and I had a challenge earlier this week – to make the perfect playroom! We both had our own ideas about how to make it ‘perfect’, but since we only had one room to work with, so we had to make our concepts work together – not nearly as easy as you might think!

Anyway, want to see what we came up with? Take a gander, kids!

A lot of this was Hailey’s design. I will (reluctantly) admit that it’s (kinda) awesome.


79 Responses to Elwin & Hailey’s Perfect Playroom

  1. carmen says:

    me too it is way way to cluttered and i was hoping for the nursery theme that is just UGLY verry verry UGLY

  2. omg girl says:

    i hate it, its to cluterly and off with the trend i was hoping for

  3. omg girl says:

    how do you get the playroom makeover?

  4. hoopster11 says:

    I little bit too cluttterly. but it is ok

  5. jmcs1966 says:


  6. alyslugbug says:

    I do have to admit, I LOVE IT! Of course, some aspects of the room are a bit shaky!

  7. kittycat12 says:

    Wow, soo cool! I wish my webkinz playroom looked like that! Probably cost a fortune, though… I have 20,000 KInzcash and if I made that room I bet I would have barely any left.

  8. elena says:

    from the way they talk, i would have thought they were too old for a playroom like that. they sound way too grown up for those toys.

  9. lrn89 says:

    That is something that I would get for my pets to play in I might even use it for a daycare room!

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