Weekend Round-Up

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Tell us your top 10 favorite beach activities and you could win a virtual Pelican in time for September! Open all August.
Keep your eyes open this Saturday for the special SPREE ad! Click on it once a day to win a bonus roll for SPREE!
Tell us where the Sun went on vacation for a chance to win a Lazy River Ride!
Catch that Van! Look for the floating van between now and August 18th to win some Webkinz Newz exclusive Road Trip Prizes!
Want to win some bonus SPREE rolls? Visit @webkinz on Twitter this Saturday between 2pm and 3pm and answer trivia!

18 Responses to Weekend Round-Up

  1. hibbey8 says:

    I love weekends!:D
    maybe i can get one for my B-day in september:)

  2. TMR02 says:

    My birthday is in September.
    I wonder what the song is (for thePelican)
    I hope it is cool!

  3. mieert says:

    i somtimes get one die or two somtimes three bit it really eratic i doesnt make sense :)

  4. Scudbud says:

    YEAH – I found one!!!!

  5. bedo4 says:

    Maybe since the ads don’t ever seem to work they should bring back the floating dice. It’s frustrating to come here and search for so long and never see the ad!

  6. Scudbud says:

    I have been on for over an hour and have not seen any spree ads?????

    • Just doesn't work!!! says:

      This idea of the Spree ads has been an epic fail from the beginning. I never see them on the Newz site…I don’t understand why we cannot just get 3 rolls of the dice per day rather than getting us to search for an ad that never seems to work!!! I hate wasting my time!

  7. gracekiara says:

    Where are the spree ads???

  8. Narniaisawesome1412 says:

    Awesome! Weekends are the best on Webkinz world! Although I never seem to find the floating spree dice anymore. ???


    • Response to Narnia... says:

      It is not a ‘floating spree dice’, rather, it is an ad on the side that you click on. I have a hard time finding the ad on the Newz site, but always manage to find it in WW!. At any rate, it is not a floating event…it’s a clickable ad that you must look for!

      Hope that helps.

  9. Webkinz lover says:

    Awsome! I just love the weekends!

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