Create a Winter Patio this January!

January Special: Winter Patio ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Create a stunning Winter Patio with the themed pieces found inside the magical Winter Patio ?? Box! Such a delightful way to decorate!


Keep your pets warm out on the winter patio by staying close to the Winter Patio Fire Pit! The flickering flames will help to melt away the winter chill!


The wonderful rustic wood Winter Patio Table will help withstand the winter elements out on your patio! And it’s a great spot to place party favors for your guests!


Some sturdy Winter Patio Stools will help keep your guests comfortable out on the winter patio! Although you might want to keep them gathered closer together for extra warmth!


Add a little atmosphere to the outdoors by turning on the twinkling lights wrapped around the cool Winter Patio Columns! They’ll make the great outdoors look even greater!


The awesome Winter Patio Tree comes complete, already decorated with some terrific twinkling lights! Add it to your winter patio for some gorgeous greenery!


Have your pets slide in together on the beautiful Winter Patio Bench to keep warm on the winter patio! There’s a little extra firewood underneath incase the firepit need some stoking!


You may find the Winter Patio ?? Box and other January Specials at eStore starting January 1, 2022!



30 Responses to Create a Winter Patio this January!

  1. lms456 says:

    i’ve just adopted the pink and white cat and i never got its pet specific item, food or the exclusive item box that comes with it. can it be fixed?

  2. ChipsnSalsa says:

    Love this Patio. Really beautiful wallpaper!!

  3. emster7 says:

    I think I know what I’m spending my monthly points on!

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