Deluxe Wednesdays this July!

Deluxe Wednesdays
feature something different each week; sometimes it could be a free item, sometimes a sale on a category of items or pets. Maybe even a spend your Points event or a Pre-sale on specified pets or items before they become available to everyone else!


Check back Wednesdays! No matter the week, you’ll always find something different!


Here’s July’s lineup:


You may find Deluxe Wednesdays each week at Ganz eStore!


12 Responses to Deluxe Wednesdays this July!

  1. lemony says:

    PLEASE have a lil kinz sale :) :) :)

  2. purplepot1 says:

    My party pack didn’t work today :(

    • purplepot1 says:

      make that three party packs

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      I am so sorry your party didn’t work out. All the party packs are horribly glitched and have been for several years. Ganz knows this, yet will not fix them, and for some reason they are still for sale in the Wshop. The House party packs don’t work at all – don’t buy any more of them – it’s a waste of your Kinzcash. The Clubhouse party packs (the more expensive ones) work somewhat better, but are still glitched. I have tested many of them out with my main account inviting my smaller accounts. Some accounts have no problem going to the clubhouse party, another account may not even get the “go to party” icon, and another will try to go to the party but gets logged out instead. Also, NONE of the party food dispensers work – it’s all very frustrating and it’s very disappointing that Ganz is in no hurry to fix this activity.

      • crystalfawns53 says:

        I agree with you. Ever since Webkinz X started, I have been having trouble starting parties. Out of the seven parties I initiated, only one has been successful with a party food dispenser that actually worked (that pack was not an in-house one). However, while I was able to start the party, not many of my friends showed up. Many of them (who were online at the time) told me that they had issues joining which basically covered all the issues that you mentioned Alphaowlbear. As a result, out of all the twenty friends I invited, only one showed up. Unfortunately, that meant that most of the games I had planned for the party got cancelled since they required at least three people. I guess that the party loot bag compensated for it slightly, but there is a part of me that wishes that the parties worked a bit better.

        • megamom12 says:

          Is that perhaps why I can never get into a party that I’m invited to? I’ve tried getting into a couple of parties recently and I still get stuck on the loading screen. Even with my newer computer. I thought that the problem was that my other computer was older and just couldn’t handle the program.

      • starbrite1 says:

        I have many party packs, Ganz please fix the party packs. Last year the loot bag prizes were updated, so can the next update to the packs be to fix them so that when I open the expensive party pack it works? Thanks

  3. WebkinzPlayer4563 says:

    Can anyone tell me when are Estore points supposed to be delivered to Deluxe members? I thought I would be getting more today along with my deluxe giftbox…

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