Don’t Miss The Holiday Kitten!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and we’re featuring an exclusive virtual pet that is available from November 23 to 25, 2018 only! The sweet Webkinz Holiday Kitten comes with a Soft Sparkle Wardrobe and the perfectly Purrfect Pizza!


Available on and in the W-Shop, the sale price for this spectacular pet is 12,500 eStore Points and Deluxe users can get it for 10,000 eStore Points.


With all the great Black Friday deals being offered, there are so many reasons to visit Ganz eStore this weekend – plus it’s your only chance to own this special pet!


8 Responses to Don’t Miss The Holiday Kitten!

  1. bonesbongo says:

    @kakenta, @motherk, @netge The candy cane that you received on the Wheel of Wow is food to feed your pet. I am aware that the candy canes were not doing anything. Thanks to our technical team, the problem has been fixed. I was able to feed the Candy Cane to my pet today. Thanks for fixing so quickly.

  2. Stitchol says:

    I sadly cant get it :( How do you earn estore points?

  3. bonesbongo says:

    The Holiday Kitten is adorable! I really want to get it.

  4. kakenta says:

    really a darling kitten!! Complaint time. I received the candy cane from the wheel of wow, but I can’t eat it, or put it in a room (either inside or outside), and it sits in the special items. I also can not sell it. What is it for?????

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