Go Wacky for the Wacky Fireplace!

Celebrate Wacky Zingoz with the NEW Wacky Fireplace!


There’s nothing wacky about wanting your pet to stay warm, so have them curl up next to the fun and Wacky Fireplace! It’s sure to be a hot hit!


You may find this Wacky Zingoz Celebration item and more at eStore!

20 Responses to Go Wacky for the Wacky Fireplace!

  1. sunnyten10 says:

    I’m really disappointed with the fireplace. I put it on the wall of the large room, and it gets lost in the wall. I thought it would be much bigger.

  2. momganzworld1 says:

    my wacky stopped working along time ago. I tried removing it and then putting it back. is it one of the items not fixed yet?

    • kaye10 says:

      sounds like an idea I might try (lol am always having things removed I cannot sell or k-post) but may I ask how do you “remove” your wacky? it should be a game in the arcade & don’t think we have ability to remove it. if it’s the one you paid for, it is not the one that gives trophies or prizes anyway ;) best, k.

  3. gandg1 says:

    Where can I get the Wacky House? That is really a great item

    • Katz1259 says:

      Do you mean the blue building with Wacky on the top? That is the Wacky Burger Stand and if you look at the post just below yours, Sally has posted a link where to find it in the estore. I LOVE mine, you get a whole Wacky Meal each day!! I love sending them out to friends!

  4. PinkyLou8 says:

    I would like to buy a Wacky Burger Stand. Where do I buy one?

  5. zayac says:

    Hello! I know this isn’t the right place to ask but where can I message someone about an items that glitched out and disappeared? I was decorating a room and suddenly everything glitched, I couldn’t place any more items nor remove them when I tried to. I tried to remove my bed and it didn’t work, decided to re-log to Webkinz and it just disappeared. I don’t have it in my inventory either. Is there any way to bring it back?

  6. unicorn794 says:

    Why are we able to buy a fireplace in summer?

  7. pinkiecupcake says:

    This would make a great Clubhouse room. You could call it “Wacky World”.

  8. Rocky5465 says:

    I have not seen any floating Wacky smoothies yet, that’s odd because usually every event I see floaties come across my screen pretty quickly, I’m so disappointed because the prize is new and I was hoping to get one, I hope it will work soon!

  9. FrizzleLlines says:

    Opinion: Wacky with his mouth agape, swallowing your entire roller coaster cart, is terrifying

  10. kidzinme says:

    I would go WACKY for it too

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