Grow Your Family Plush Pack

Webkinz is getting a brand new look and feel. It’s all about taking care of your Webkinz Family. And in the new and improved Webkinz, the more pets you have, the more points you can earn towards your Family Score – and that means more awesome prizes!


The new Grow Your Family Plush Pack lets you build your Family Score faster.


From July 1 to 31, 2015, for $44.99, you can add these five adorable plush pets to your Webkinz family, and you’ll also receive an exclusive virtual item.


The Grow Your Family Plush Pack includes

-        Sweet Elephant

-        Mini Pinscher Dog

-        Fiesta Unicorn

-        Berry Cheeky Monkey

-        Flutter Pig


-        PLUS an exclusive Webkinz virtual item, the Family Room Fireplace

The Grow Your Family Plush Pack is available from Ganz eStore from July 1 – 31.

40 Responses to Grow Your Family Plush Pack

  1. cathouse2 says:

    This is really cool! :) Ganz, you should have deals like this more often!

  2. happyfeet89 says:

    It would be nice if there wee a pool of pets from which to choose..I have several of these pets not really interested.

  3. laffytaffy says:


  4. anon55 says:

    If there were more to choose from it might be an interesting offer. I don’t want any of those.

  5. tarayvonne says:

    I really hope they have plans to extend the amount of virtual past pets in the estore, price gouging online is brutal! I decided I wanted a chinchilla (because we just a real one) and they are going for $75 and up! I’d rather give my money to ganz instead of someone who bought a plush and waited until it became scarce to sell it for a much higher price :(

  6. Galaya says:

    So cool! I have 54 pets :D ~Spokanegirl7

  7. doingmydailies says:

    I am obsessed with the Sweet Elephant! It is so, so, so adorable. I like the other pets in this collection but I’m not in love with them. When I get Webkinz, I need to be absolutely sure they’re the right ones. I think GANZ should make a deal where you pick 5 Webkinz and you get a special prize to go along with it. Then people could really choose what they like.

  8. Larker says:

    Would so love to purchase this pack but I’m figuring it’s only going to be available to North America/Canadian players :( Oh I so wish us in Europe/UK could take advantage of the competitions and these special plush offers (like the grumpy cat one) but alas I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Really is difficult getting the harder to find plushies over here without spending a small fortune as the sellers of the toys do add an huge mark-up on the actual price of the toy if it was purchased in the US. No shops local to me (I’m disabled) stock the pets so I’ve had to rely on online sellers and then wait for someone to actually sell them at a sensible price to. Dream would be to own a plushie from the signature collection, oh man that would be the best :)

  9. puffapuffle2 says:

    ugh…. cant stop staring at sweet elephant!!! 2 cute!!!!!

  10. ca10lu says:

    This doesn’t interest me at all. I don’t like the pets except for the flutter pig which I already have and the fireplace is ugly in my opinion, but if you have $45, then I hope this works for you!

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