It’s all about Sunny Pineapple this July!

July Special: Sunny Pineapple ?? Box!
All items inside ?? Boxes are sellable/tradeable in Webkinz World!


Inside the Sunny Pineapple ?? Box you’ll find the perfect item for decorating your Sunny Pineapple-themed room! It’s sure to be a sweet surprise!


Your pet is sure to have some sweet dreams atop the beautiful Sunny Pineapple Bed! There’s nothing better than a refreshing night’s sleep!


Even clean clothes will get the tropical treatment inside the Sunny Pineapple Hamper! It’s a great place to store away all those colorful shirts and khakis!


Give your pet a vibrant view outside their room with the colorful curtained Sunny Pineapple Window! Perfect for providing a brighter outlook!


The cozy Sunny Pineapple Sofa is the perfect place for your pet to relax and admire the delightful décor all around them! They’re sure to find it quite comfy!


Store away your pet’s sunny summer outfits inside the delightful Sunny Pineapple Dresser! Just the place to discover a refreshing new look!


The simple Sunny Pineapple Side Table will prop up your prized possessions perfectly! Lamps and trophies will look right at home!


You may find the Sunny Pineapple ?? Box and other July Specials at eStore starting June 1, 2019!


Stay tuned to July’s Candy Tree and Kinz Cottage items – they’ll fit into your Sunny Pineapple theme too!



12 Responses to It’s all about Sunny Pineapple this July!

  1. NanaZaza says:

    Have spent 9000 eStore points for 4 side tables. Caveat emptor, as is said: Let the buyer beware!

  2. Bubblilious1 says:

    What a bright theme. I love the yellow and pineapple combo.

  3. LPSfriend says:

    Yall put PLNEAPPLE

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I love how the box is pineapple themed!

  5. hollymartina says:

    I’m needing a pineapple bed. I have any of the other pineapple room items I’m willing to trade.

  6. LovesStaffordshires says:

    What a pretty theme. Pittiesrule

  7. hollymartina says:

    I purchased the pineapple pet, but I noticed the bed and other room items are labeled “Not sold separately”. How do I get these items?

  8. ojibwa says:

    I bought a bunch of surprise boxes once and got a whole bunch of the same item. Not a fan of boxes now.

  9. frankie98 says:

    Perfect for summer!

  10. webkinz57fun says:

    Ahhh! I want it all! I can finally do up a pineapple room with my stored items and of course a new pineapple turtle pet!

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