Missed the Black Eyed Susan Tiles? eStore has more!

you missed receiving free Black Eyed Susan Tiles for Sophie’s Customer Appreciation Day (June 2022) or just want more of them, check out Ganz eStore or Webkinz W Shop for the Black Eyed Susan Tile Box, available for purchase.



You may find this item and more at eStore and Webkinz W Shop!


10 Responses to Missed the Black Eyed Susan Tiles? eStore has more!

  1. megamom12 says:

    Those rockers are really cute!

  2. TRINSTER says:

    Those rockers are so cute!

  3. RiverKnightzzzz says:

    Are those chairs part of the lemondrop theme? I don’t remember seeing them, but then again, I don’t purchase most of the mystery box themes as I never seem to get the one or two items I really want.

  4. unikitty11_ says:

    Thanks so much for doing this Ganz! Btw, does anyone know how to get soil?

  5. SteampunkUnicorn says:

    Just wondering, was the bug with these tiles fixed? I’m still scared to place them down in case they stay there and I can’t move them

  6. Tommywebkinzfan says:

    I logged in on this day on next and went to messages and it was not there. I remember I thought it was a bug and it might give it to me late but no i never got it even tho i played on the player day

  7. kkovacs says:

    I can’t remove these tiles once I put them on my property in Webkinz Next. They’re stuck there! What can I do?

    • plentyofpenguins22 says:

      I had the same thing happen. I emailed support and they were able to get them out, but once I placed them back they got stuck again. Must be a glitch.

    • bonesbongo says:

      PLEASE NOTE: Ganz is aware of the issue on Webkinz Next where the tiles cannot be moved after they are placed in a room. This will be fixed after the next technical update.

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