Mistletoe Mosaic Tiles are a Perfect Companion!



Sprinkle some seasonal cheer around your yard for the perfect holiday path with the Mistletoe Mosaic Tile! Your pet will appreciate the feeling that something festive is afoot!


Complete the look with the Merry Mistletoe Tree House!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


5 Responses to Mistletoe Mosaic Tiles are a Perfect Companion!

  1. bubbac4 says:

    I so wish we could buy Next pets and items with Estore points, why can’t we????? If we purchase on Next, Microsoft puts us on a monthly fee for going thru them, so I’n not allowed to no matter how much I beg

  2. tinyklp1 says:

    Happy New Year, Estore! I’m wondering if I could get some help. I’ve been emailing your support since November 23, 2023 because I did not get a code for my Cozy Cranberry fireplace, from the Cozy Cranberry point bundle I purchased on that day. I think I’ve sent 6 or 7 emails. Is there anyone who can look into this problem for me? I bought that bundle specifically for the fireplace and I’d really appreciate receiving what I expected I purchased. Thank you!

  3. pittiesrule says:

    This is really pretty.

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