NEW Nightfall Dragon arrives September 1st!

The Nightfall Dragon is truly one fantastic beast! This fiery friend loves green energy, so make sure you set their Dragon Windmill spinning! At snack time, they just can’t resist chasing down something chocolate, so serve them some Darkness Dipped Cookies!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


40 Responses to NEW Nightfall Dragon arrives September 1st!

  1. rgarr5 says:

    This looks like Toothless! Great job, Ganz! Sadly, I wont be able to get this pet. :c But its very cute and Toothless like X3

  2. BERRY9754 says:

    I named mine Midnight Beauty after delicious grapes of the same name! I just found these grapes recently. If they are available, try them! You will definitely enjoy them! My grandson named his Jackson Storm. He usually picks names from movies he has seen recently or a Pokemon. Gotta love his choices!

  3. bear10201 says:

    I named mine rolling coal

  4. 1955tiny says:

    Mine is names Night Shade >>^.*.^<<

  5. Auntruthie309 says:

    I got one and named her Nighty Night. She is adorable.

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