New to Ganz eStore! CANDY PUP PLUSH PET

You are certain to grow sweet on the cutie pie Candy Pup! This adorable dog enjoys relaxing with a little privacy inside their very own Candy Pup Tent! At snack time, make sure you satisfy their sweet tooth with a little nibble on some chewy Gummy Bones!


You may find this Plush Pet and more at eStore!




35 Responses to New to Ganz eStore! CANDY PUP PLUSH PET

  1. jimzy13 says:

    My sis is like, so lucky she just got the tent!

  2. cathouse2 says:

    This pet is adorable! I have her and I totally recommend getting this pet! :)

  3. iloveblue says:

    SO CUTE! If Daisy Doe is Mayor, there are so many pets that are candy related, what would happen to them?

  4. Duchess477 says:

    can’t wait must get it! :)

  5. dune456 says:

    This is a cute puppy.. It’s a print puppy though. Would be nice if they came out with some new pets Besides puppies, like a bat or something different.

  6. gledenchild says:

    and everyone should see what i said about the daisy doe mayor thing because i make a good point it on the first page and is close to the top

  7. gledenchild says:

    for the mayor of kinzville thing you should do a tag team of mr. moo and chef gazpacho to vote aganist her

  8. gledenchild says:

    can you make on webkinz a place to crave your own pumpkins for halloween and to buy pumpkins to crave at the pumpkin craving place?because i really want to put a pumpkin in my house for halloween

    • Exora says:

      hi, gledenchild! i love ur idea for a pumpkin carving place! that’s so cool! i hope we get it and i hope we can put our carved pumpkins in our houses! thx!

    • prprprprp says:

      Hi gledenchild, here as promised! :) Well, there is no ‘place’ to do that, but the PSI to the Candy Corn Mouse is a Pumpkin Carving Stations, so you MIGHT be able to get a jack o’ lantern there. BUT, you can put a carved pumpkin that you design yourself I think, by getting the whole collection of Halloween candy from the ghost in the library, in the clubhouse, once you have gotten all of the candy from the ghost, you can get a 2014 jack o’ lantern!!! :) And you might be able to design it, but am not certain. :) Or if you just want a regular pumpkin, your best bets might be, for outside, the Giant Pumpkin Patch, or so it is called, in the wShop in the Outdoors section under Decorations, it looks like only one giant pumpkin, or a Farm Fresh Pumpkin if you are in the mood for gardening. A pumpkin for indoors might be a previous Fall Fest prize if I am remembering correctly, but if not you m ight have to get those yearly jack o lanterns if you need an indoors one! :) Hope I helped! :)

  9. gledenchild says:

    will you being back the coming soon thing cause i really like finding out what new webkinz coming to webkinz or are you just putting all the webkinz together?

  10. gledenchild says:

    ok a have a couple of questions gennelle and each question will be a different post

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