NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Monster Trapdoor








New Wacky Webkinz World item available:

Monster Trapdoor










What friendly creature could be hiding under this secret door?

The Monster Trapdoor is part of the Monster Playhouse collection coming in June!


You may find a new Wacky Webkinz World item each month at eStore!



20 Responses to NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Monster Trapdoor

  1. lmsplatypus12 says:

    a must have

  2. manatee9 says:

    lov the pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. manatee9 says:

    oh i so want this … but of corse im not deluxe or estore so …boy i wish you could buy this stuff at wshop

  4. faith728pet says:

    i like it !

  5. JRS1 says:

    I love the carpet and wallpaper. The bed is especially adorable. Would be a great start to a new Halloween room.

  6. Casper64 says:

    Love it. Want it. But I’ll have to wait till I finish my other theme room.

  7. afkslippers says:

    i cant wait for this!

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