Trouble with Games?

Some of you are reporting problems with some games and features not loading properly in Webkinz. We take your comments very seriously and we have been looking into the issues.

Although we are still investigating we have discovered that sometimes these problems occur when members play on Internet Explorer 9. We are currently working on fixing this. In the meantime we suggest that you try playing Webkinz on Firefox or Google Chrome.

37 Responses to Trouble with Games?

  1. brookiemena says:

    3rd times the charm! Google Chrome cut off the bottom of my page and would freeze, Internet Explorer would freeze almost every time I did anything with my Webkinz, then I tried Mozilla Firefox. NO problems WHAT SO EVER. Not even one!

  2. yorkie316 says:

    The wheel activities and Spree are not working for me. It doesn’t seem to matter what browser I try…

  3. nanjim123 says:

    adventure park & log out will not load. SOS

  4. spootyquackers says:

    ok ever since the end games an spree have been fixed (just a couple days now) my house won’t load. i believe my poor plants are dying now :(

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