Trouble with Games?

Some of you are reporting problems with some games and features not loading properly in Webkinz. We take your comments very seriously and we have been looking into the issues.

Although we are still investigating we have discovered that sometimes these problems occur when members play on Internet Explorer 9. We are currently working on fixing this. In the meantime we suggest that you try playing Webkinz on Firefox or Google Chrome.

37 Responses to Trouble with Games?

  1. princesskei says:

    I use Firefox and I have had problems with the following games since the most recent update to Webkinz: Spree, Hoppy Rocket Ship (which I need to be able to play for the challenge I’m currently on), Atlantiles (one of my faves), and the logout carnival. They all give me the “cannot connect to Webkinz” error message. ~~~ I do love the new update other than that, being able to personalize the names of my rooms is great and not having to use the map so much is also a plus. Thanks

  2. bellaboo0417 says:

    I use Google Chrome, and Spree! and Hoppy Little Rocketship will NOT load. I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox as well, but to no avail.

  3. barb2011 says:

    finally got my flower from ebkins news and went to webkins kinspost and it said I had a flower.but the basket never registered it…

  4. kinzfan says:

    I am on Google Chrome and can’t get spree or the end page before you are logged out. I did in the past but not now. It is frustrating to miss out.

  5. Bliblib1 says:

    I use google chrome, but “SPREE” and the log out carnival doesn’t work for me.

  6. Nancyl says:

    Still can’t Spree and others to open.

  7. angde says:

    doesn’t work spree and the exit game on romanian page

  8. WebkinzPlushLover says:

    I can not log in that well and I can not log out that well. Ganz,please fix this next!

  9. GramBron says:

    I can’t play Spree or Atlantiles still. I’m using Chrome

  10. kinzmaven says:

    I knew I was not alone with this. There is a list of games and/or areas in Webkinz World that do not work properly for me since the May 15 update. I have cleared my cache, switched browsers, computers, locations, even uninstalled and reinstalled Flash, all to no avail. Sometimes the normal fixes don’t work. At this point, my concern is being able to complete time sensitive challenges, like the Webkinz Day Bonus. In addition, I have not been able to log out my account the regular way. This is a list of the areas that do not load for me: Wacky Er Zingoz; Scrambled; Whimsy Skies; Flutter Bugged ( All challenge related games); Atlantiles; Crafty Canaries; Hoppy Little Rocketship; Leapin’ Llama; Adbenture Park ; Wacky Log Out Carnival; the Adoption Centre and Logging Out of accounts. I do hope there is a fix to this before month end so the challenges and POTM adoptions can be completed without issue. Thanks for listening and thanks for fixing!!

    • kirtoglou says:

      I have done the same thing and there are still so many hourly events, that give me the NO EVENT AT THIS TIME.!!!!!! This is only on some accts, so I think it’s a Ganz issue, not a browser issue.

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