Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree is HERE!

July’s CANDY TREE has arrived: Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree


Be careful not to eat too much at once!


For the pet with a sweet tooth, this tree of cotton candy is a must! Each day they’ll be able to harvest a stick of sticky-sweet rainbow-colored cotton candy!


You may find a new Candy Tree each month at eStore!




19 Responses to Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree is HERE!

  1. prprprprp says:

    OOOOOOOHHH!!! So want one! I really REALLY WANT ONE! :D

  2. jimzy13 says:


  3. agentspygirl says:

    so bright and lovely

  4. fairy16flower says:

    This makes me want to eat some cotton candy! YUMMY! Great Job, Ganz.

    • playnowpuppy says:

      Yeah I love this :)

    • CrazyCatCrib says:

      ugh! am i the only one who’s concerned about our children’s health?!?! why can’t we have some beautiful fruit trees instead? NO MORE SUGARY JUNK! please! did you hear that? “It makes me want to eat some cotton candy!” and someone else said “I’d like to get it too, for my candy garden.” seriously??? And, everybody else, please speak up on this issue! :(

      • CheekyCat says:

        “I’d like to get it too, for my candy garden.” What do you mean seriously?! It just means for a room in Webkinz :-| And it is okay to have some candy. It wouldn’t seem right to let the kids have no candy. A little is okay but not too much or none.

        • playnowpuppy says:

          Yeah CrazyCatCrib but still I agree with u but It’s fun to have some candy action here and there :) I mean they got rid of the candy theme In the W-shop right?

  5. migrubbs says:

    I’ll get this tree someday with the other trees.

  6. mangoplum130 says:


  7. playnowpuppy says:

    Yay I hope I can get this but It’s E-store points :( . . .

  8. MidnightFireflies15 says:

    very cute! i love the candy trees and that room looks really cool!

  9. jenniferobbi2 says:

    This is nice.

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