Sail Home with NEW Wallpaper and Flooring!

March’s ROOM WITH A VIEW has arrived: Sailing Home


Your pet will always have a glorious view of the surrounding sea with the stunning Sailing Home Wallpaper and Flooring! Your pet will have their own private little island!


You may find a new Room With A View wallpaper/flooring combination each month at eStore!


16 Responses to Sail Home with NEW Wallpaper and Flooring!

  1. ogmoonchild says:

    i am absolutely in love with this wallpaper an∂ flooring! I’ve been loving all the “room with a view” ideas! when i saw this one i thought it would go perfectly with the new keeshond puppy psi, (the little boat bed) so cute! and i thought national puppy weekend would be the perfect time to bring the keeshond puppy back (i tried to get it when it was a promo but i couldn’t save up the money in time before it was gone!) and I’ve been soo sad, but this wallpaper and flooring gave me hope that it might come back soon! they’d be a perfect match!! love it!!!

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