Webkinz Events Calendar: April 2017


Webkinz turns 12 on April 29th but there’s so much more planned for the month! You won’t want to miss out on the Chocolate Egg event and a brand new Kinzville Bake Sale! Check out the calendar below to learn about upcoming events:




How many Webkinz Days have you celebrated in Webkinz World? Please leave your comments below…


87 Responses to Webkinz Events Calendar: April 2017

  1. lkbrugh95 says:

    Super Excited for the Super Wheel!

  2. 4ulittleone2 says:

    It still takes forever to find the floating bake sale items and on Webkinz Newz too. With only two days left i sure hope i can find all of them..Anyone else having the same problems?

  3. katiea2017 says:

    this is my first

  4. niller18 says:

    celebrating my 12th year with webkinz

  5. mariedino33 says:

    Celebrating my 9th year with Webkinz <3

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