See what’s inside the 2019 Spring Super Mystery Bag!



Mystery Bags award random items ranging in size, from small to large, and functionality. Mystery Bags may also contain new Exclusive, Super Exclusive or RARE items not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery items to your dock!



Here’s a look at the RARE item that you may find in the 2019 SPRING Super Mystery Bag:

Purple Tulip Petal Cottage

Or, one of these Super Exclusive items may be found:

Pink Tulip Petal Cottage

Daffodil Spring Cottage


Or even one of these cute Exclusive items:

Soft Spring Bed

Soft Spring Wardrobe

Soft Spring Curtain

Soft Spring Rug

Soft Spring Sofa

Soft Spring Chair

Lion Rug

Spring Blooms Wallpaper

Spring Blooms Rug

Spring Blooms Bed

Spring Blooms Armchair

Spring Blooms Curtains

Spring Blooms Sofa

Daffodil Spring Flower Container

The 2019 Spring Super Mystery Bag may be found in Ganz eStore as well as W-Shop in Webkinz World until May 19, 2019.


10 Responses to See what’s inside the 2019 Spring Super Mystery Bag!

  1. wildnana says:

    I’m glad they told us what the purple cottage is. I didn’t recognize it as a flower, thought it was an eggplant. LOL. That would have been fine, too. It would have made a nice farm house in one of my vegetable gardens.

  2. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Awesome!!! I might have to get one!

  3. Rocky5465 says:

    Is this just me or not? Can someone check their docks right now and tell me if there’s a difference, the items look smaller, like to make room for more items to see in every click, even the tabs look smaller. If there’s a change then that’s great, this could mean the beginning of the change for a search bar!

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      It’s happening to me too, Miley. =P YESSS!!! A SEARCH BAR!! (Also, I talked to Casty the other day)

      • Rocky5465 says:

        Oh good! I miss Cast, haven’t seen her in a long time actually:( And A Search Bar, yes to that, woohoo!

        • MagicOrin says:

          Rooms are a a special size 10x 10 you can only fit so much in a room. But yes things do look a lil smaller but I took my lil pet to Trading room and she was huge . So we will see what happens . I hope to see you all on the “OTHER SIDE” after they change over !!

  4. MommaSays says:

    This would go so well with the items released from the collection event last spring! So soft looking.

  5. Rocky5465 says:

    I love all of the color schemes this Spring Mystery! Light colors have been very in so this is perfect, all these colors do look soft and springy!

  6. Awesomet1ger says:

    These look amazing! How do you get the bags?

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