Signature Woodland Raccoon is AVAILABLE at eStore!

Ganz is proud to showcase the Webkinz Signature and Endangered Species Edition Signature Pet collections. These beautifully detailed pets are more life-like than regular Webkinz Pets.


Every Signature series pet includes an amazing pet-specific special item and food to dazzle players, a Wish Token for extra fun on the site, an exclusive piece of the Signature Room Theme that is only available from adopting a Signature Pet, plus all the regular adoption rewards!



No city scavenger, the Signature Woodland Raccoon is a country critter that prefers a little peace and quiet! They’d much rather curl up and take a nap inside their Cozy Tree Hideaway, and at snack time they’ll just adore an ample helping of Wild Berry Sundae!


The Signature Woodland Raccoon comes with the following items:
• Special Item: Cozy Tree Hideaway
• Special Food: Wild berry Sundae
• A Wish Token
• Plus one Exclusive item from the Signature Room Theme



You may find this virtual, online Signature Pet and more at eStore!


7 Responses to Signature Woodland Raccoon is AVAILABLE at eStore!

  1. arianatootlebug says:

    Cute!!! I f I had her I would name him Rob, because raccoons are known for stealing things. Some people find it a menace, but I think it’s plain adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TIMILIMI says:

    Its so cute sleeping!

  3. itsadventuretime23 says:


  4. littleheartbigbark says:

    I like this pet too. So cute. I luv luv luv luv the psi. I like beds.

  5. KittensMittens says:

    I LOVE Raccoons!

  6. migrubbs says:

    I’m getting this pet on May 1st. I have this pet on my list and I’m going to name her Rita.

  7. Trader101 says:

    This is such a cute pet!

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