The Design a Dog Contest Ends Tomorrow!


Calling all artists! Have you entered the Design a Dog Contest yet?


We’ve been blown away by both the number and the quality of submissions to this contest! With one day to go, we’ve already received over 5000 entries! Will yours win?


You have until midnight (EST) tomorrow, April 25, to submit your design. You can submit as many times as you want, but remember to use the template provided! Click here to enter.



37 Responses to The Design a Dog Contest Ends Tomorrow!

  1. KyKyLuvsHorses says:

    i made a sparkle puppy and a pumpkin puppy

  2. lovezoo2012 says:

    Well, my dream was always to be a webkinz designer. Please look at mine I was pretty much the only one who made an egyptian pup. Check it out!

  3. kbk100 says:

    Wow 5000 entries! Thanks so much for holding this contest its been a blast designing the dog and looking at everyones ideas. Its amazing how many designs can be made from one outline! I hope you guys don’t have a REALLY hard time choosing. I think I’ve entered about 10? Please host another one of these for another animal! Maybe a horse, bird or cat? Thanks!

  4. Mandieucold says:

    I’m so excited! Good luck to all!

  5. RavenneShadow says:

    I’ve had a blast with this contest. I’ve entered about a dozen designs so far. I figure the odds of my winning are slim to none, but at least I had fun creating & designing!

  6. arianatootlebug says:

    I entered! So far, everyone’s drawings are FANTASTIC! Webkinz World has quite a bunch of artists! Great job to everyone, winner or not!

  7. mayzie says:

    Good luck to everyone. I saw some awesome looking dogs. I entered four dogs. I tried to enter 3 more puppies but those did not get posted. Emailed Ganz but didn’t get any help.

  8. eberry12 says:

    I really want to win! I have enter SOOO many! My favorite is my melting chocolate pup!

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