Sneak Peek – Berry Fest at the eStore

Berry Fest 2018 at eStore!


The sky’s the limit when it comes to the mileage your pet can put on the berry efficient Sky Berry Car! They’re sure to feel super safe driving inside such awesome organic orb!


To celebrate Berry Fest, you can receive the Sky Berry Car for FREE when you spend 20,000 eStore Points at between June 15-21, 2018!



Also, Ganz eStore is also giving away a FREE Sky Berry every day during Berry Fest! Just login to your account every day to claim yours!



Berry Cottages are Coming Soon to Ganz eStore! You can pick up these sweet homes for your pet to help them celebrate the Berry Festival!



You may find these Berry Fest items and more at eStore!


10 Responses to Sneak Peek – Berry Fest at the eStore

  1. Amypat19 says:

    got the sky berry car and it looks super in my parade route. I have the berry cars in it along with other hot air balloons. It’s 3 rooms big now.

  2. julieperkins says:

    those berry houses are awesome!

  3. FluffyBunnyJr says:


  4. Froggit612 says:

    I’ll definitely buy something to get the sky berry car because I know I have enough points at the estore.

  5. Vic711rose says:

    I want the Sky Berry Car and the cottages! I will have to remember to go to the eStore for free berries.

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