Tender Tuesdays are BACK – both Ganz eStore AND W-Shop!


Enjoy lovely offers from Ganz eStore on Tender Tuesdays — each Tuesday until February 6, 2024 in the Tender Tuesdays section of both Ganz eStore and W Shop!


Be on the lookout for these NEW items:

January 16 – Valentine Sailor Suit

January 23 – Valentine Popcorn Machine Dispenser

January 30 – Love Dino Slide


Find more Valentine’s items in the Valentine’s Sweets Section in Ganz eStore.



12 Responses to Tender Tuesdays are BACK – both Ganz eStore AND W-Shop!

  1. kellyld159 says:

    will the love bear only be available for this season?

  2. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    OoOoOoOo, love the dress & the new popcorn machineeee.

  3. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    I just picked up that adorable dress for my new Love Bear!

  4. mfaull says:

    Yay! Great offers!

  5. KarenaJ says:

    This is off topic but has anyone else noticed that the snowflake tables from the Winterfest prizes do not work in that you cannot place an item on them. Is this intentional or a glitch?

  6. kellyld159 says:

    I love these new valentine’s themed clothing/objects!! thanks so much, I can’t wait to get them!

  7. kkat says:

    Love the dress! Yummy popcorn! and a fun slide. Thank you, Ganz!

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