The Book Nook Fence is a Perfect Companion!

Line your room with books, books, and MORE books! Your reading list can really wind its way around the block with Book Nook Fence fence pieces!


Makes a great companion to the Berry Chewing Gum Tree!


You may find a new Candy Tree tie-in item each month at eStore!


6 Responses to The Book Nook Fence is a Perfect Companion!

  1. blurayne says:

    Loving the new Book Nook theme! this fence is perfect. I have so many ideas for this item.

  2. gml1939 says:

    Off topic for the Book Nook theme, but just to say I love the Friendly Froggy theme and the pieces of furniture we have gotten on the wheels lately. I love all the furniture except the Basket! It creeps me out! Ha. So, of course, that is what I have gotten the most of! If you would like one, friend me at grandmalois814. As long as they last!

    • bonesbongo says:

      gml1939 Hi, be expecting a F/R from shelkinz67 always looking for new friends. I have to agreee with you I love the Friendly Froggy theme as well. ~ shelkinz67

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Hi! @gml1939, I am right there with you! @bonesbongo, we are already friends in WW. Are you looking for more of the basket? (because I feel the same way! LOL!) Lmk…

        • Beckinz8 says:

          A fence of books isn’t something that you see everyday! I’m sure that it would be a little slice of heaven for many book enthusiasts that I know. What I am wondering is are we going to see the book titles on the fence books in the Wshop anytime soon? I would read them!

  3. ultrasonic3 says:

    This is so clever! Great job Ganz!

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