The Desert Monkey arrives in Webkinz World, May 1, 2019!

Adopting the delightful Desert Monkey is truly like finding a diamond in the rough! This mischievous monkey isn’t afraid to sit on the Sultan’s Seat, no matter who’s watching! When this scruffy scoundrel is searching for a snack, feed them their favorite: a stack of Stuffed Dates!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

29 Responses to The Desert Monkey arrives in Webkinz World, May 1, 2019!

  1. Itswebkinztime says:

    What happened to the plush pets? We’re almost halfway through the year and there’s still no sign of them coming back. :/

  2. dippyear says:

    This monkey is just way too cute. So adorable.

  3. cat2f says:

    I’m sorry Ganz, but I know a lot of players are tired of waiting for a new plush pets. Can y’all please just let us know if there will still be plush pets or if they will not come back at all?

    • cat2f says:

      And also, will be able to get more kiwi bird medallions? I was only able to get 94 :(

    • Marius8853 says:

      yes, please keep making the plush.

    • FoxesRule612 says:

      Yeah, we’d at least like to know what’s going on. It seems awfully strange to suddenly stop without any reason. After all, Webkinz aren’t well-known for being just virtual-only pets…they’re known for plush. I realize the cost of making them is expensive (probably), but pleeease at least keep us updated as to what’s going on, especially if it’s some kind of shipping issue.

      • rynniepoo says:

        I agree with FoxesRule612. I am getting very worried by the sudden disappearance of the plush. I just can’t believe Ganz would stop making them though…I googled the topic and discovered that Ganz will, ‘never stop creating plush’. Maybe we need to remind them of their promise. If Ganz stops creating Plushes, they’re the same as AJ or any other site…the magic is lost

        • FoxesRule612 says:

          The “Ganz will never stop making plush” is probably an outdated article, sadly. I think they’re gonna end up breaking this promise. =(

  4. dixiecup says:

    OMG, I just went to the eStore and SOPHIE STOCKWELL, you RICK ROLLED US!! LM FACE OFF!!

  5. gbjockey2 says:

    *sigh* Why do I even hope that there will be plush again?

  6. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Aww, what a cutie! <3 I would've totally bought him if he were a plush! ^-^ Speaking of which, I sure hope Ganz addresses the "no plush since January" thing soon… being a loyal Webkinz fan and owner of several hundred plushies, I'm a little distraught and disappointed they haven't said anything about it :/

  7. dinosaurtracker13 says:

    It’s Abu!!! ^_^

  8. janglad62 says:

    I’d like to buy this Desert Monkey someday. Right now, though, with my eStore points I’m thinking about purchasing a Pixie Fox. I wanted to purchase it today, but my free monthly eStore points haven’t gone through yet for May. What time do the free points for Deluxe members usually go through? Does it usually take until the second of the month or just later on in the day on the first day?

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    What a cute monkey. Pittiesrule

  10. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    This is unrelated , but does anyone have fools gold chocolate from the vacation island I can have? I need just one piece for a challenge and I’m not deluxe. Thanks!! Username is angelgirldog7 if anyone wants to friend me!

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