The Fluffy Bog Muskrat arrives in Webkinz World October 1, 2021!

It’s sure to be love at first sight when you set your eyes on the fantastically Fluffy Bog Muskrat! This is one pet that doesn’t mind getting messy, so let them play the day away slipping and sliding down their super fun Slime Slide! It might be a challenge to get them to slow down long enough to eat, but when you get a chance to feed them a quick snack, they’ll definitely enjoy a quick sip of some Swamp Water Punch!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore starting October 1, 2021!


19 Responses to The Fluffy Bog Muskrat arrives in Webkinz World October 1, 2021!

  1. peyton3403 says:

    Is he the POTM for October?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      No, the Rascally Raccoon is October’s Pet of the Month

      • megamom12 says:

        No, this is the Mystery Box pet for the month. I’m wondering…..I bought the Mermazing Hippo and just used another theme for her…..could I do the same with this little fella? I may have to lookin into that. I do have a name in mind for him.

  2. yami7 says:

    I am going to save up for a halloween pet or thanksgiving day pet.

  3. Resonatingthunder says:

    What an absolute cutie

  4. netge says:

    Super sweet pet, will definitely be buying this one.

  5. micchuml says:

    The Fluffy Bog Muskrat is soooo CUTE!

  6. TRINSTER says:

    Such a cute pet! Need to figure out a name…

    • Beckinz8 says:

      You may find this hard to believe (I know I did!), but there are actually names that mean swamp, or something to do with a bog. Allora, Carson, Fenton, Fenwick, Monroe, and Vance. Carvel (France) actually means ‘swamp dweller’. I wonder if the Carvel ice cream company is aware of that unfortunate association? LOL! I agree that this pet is a cutie, and whatever name you choose, I know the pet will be a valued member of your webbie family. Enjoy!

  7. mochidochi says:

    Could he be the one responsible for the spill in the toxic campground? That slime looks mighty familiar….

    • megamom12 says:

      Oh, I hope not! I do wonder what the story behind everything will be though! They are getting really good at these mini story ideas lately and I love it!

  8. ojibwa says:

    Oh he is so cute! He has such a concerned look on his face – I love him!

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Aw, that muskrat is adorable! Great job, design team! ^-^ I think I know what I might want to spend some of my points on… XD

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