The Garden Party Gazebo is the latest Kinz Cottage!

April’s Kinz Cottage has arrived: Garden Party Gazebo



The gorgeous Garden Party Gazebo will make the perfect centerpiece for your glamorous garden party! Your guests will find the setting sensational!


Watch for the companion item, Garden Party Wind Chime, to be released next week!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


6 Responses to The Garden Party Gazebo is the latest Kinz Cottage!

  1. TobyAndMia2020 says:

    When ever I play Quizzy’s Question Corner it said, “I am sorry. We cannot connect to Webkinz World.” Sometimes it’s when I do a bunch of problems, and sometimes it is when I only do 1 question.

    • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

      ^ and the Stadium. Happens to me all the time. Logging out or rebooting normally helps though.

    • percaroma says:

      sometimes when I have lots of quirks – I uninstall and re-install the Desktop App. Also getting rid of ‘stuff’ – deleted files/defrag/clean seems to help especially if it’s a system you use everyday.

  2. catloverdoglover says:

    Its gorgeous! I would love it if you could make this one for Next!! I already won all of the garden party prizes for Next and I adore them! Thanks again for doing the garden parties!!!!

  3. mfaull says:

    Love this one!

  4. ojibwa says:

    Its beautiful!

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