The Northern Lights Moose has arrived in Webkinz World!

There are few sights quite as breathtaking as the Northern Lights Moose! This special wandering spirit has a unique aura about them, which is why they prefer to spend hours at a time involved in deep introspection. To give them some space for their spiritual journey, have them hang out on their Northern Lights Porch to watch magical night sky! They’ll enjoy the view even more with a special snack from their favorite food: some Galaxy Party Popcorn!


You may find this pet and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!

18 Responses to The Northern Lights Moose has arrived in Webkinz World!

  1. gadsfavs1 says:

    I got the Northern Lights Moose the other day and what an amazingly beautiful pet it is! I have a lot of favorite pets, but this one just became my top favorite! Now to create her own special room, which should be fun. Tysm Ganz for this incredible pet!

  2. catloverdoglover says:

    :O I love it! The Northern lights are near us! Though where we live there are like never Norther lights! I hope one day I will see them! Thanks Webkinz/GANZ Team! ~Brookyln

  3. ultrasonic3 says:

    Roxy616 Thank you so incredibly much for all the gifts you have sent me. I have loved them ALL and did not have any of them. I have left you many messages over here but I don’t think you have seen them. Just know that I appreciate your friendship and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Ultra

  4. Amygirl113 says:

    Awesome and love the PSI. Thanks, Ganz. Hi Ultra, Hope you had a super week. Thanks so much for everything you’ve sent – you’re the best sis EVER. Got more Christmas and winter to send you. Enjoy, little sis. Love and hugs, Big Sis Pat

    • ultrasonic3 says:

      Hi Pat! Isn’t this an amazing pet? I am a wandering spirit just like this beautiful moose! Thank you so much for the Christmas/winter items! It’s my favorite holiday! I sent you more boxes because you just can’t have too many windows, in my opinion. Let me know if you want more! Love and hugs your little sis Ultra

      • Amygirl113 says:

        Hi Ultra, more boxes would be super. Thank you. I love windows too. If any of the Christmas/winter things I’m sending you – if you need more of any, let me know. I’m sending dupes on somethings I think you might need more than one of. Enjoy. Love and hugs, Pat

        • Amygirl113 says:

          PB Ultra, That fluffy cloud floor I sent you – I know it says clouds, but man oh man, that is a wonderful snow floor – would love to play in that snow – so cool. Enjoy. Love and hugs, Pat

          • ultrasonic3 says:

            Good morning Pat! Haha, exactly what I thought when I saw it! The fluffy snow is my favorite snow to play in, unless I want to build a snowman! Thank you so much! And thank you for the polished pumpkin wallpaper and flooring! I love that you send me Wallpaper! You’re the best big sister ever! Roxy sent me some of the furniture so I have a small polished pumpkin room!!! I’m so lucky to have you guys! Have a wonderful weekend! Love and hugs your little sis Ultra

  5. megamom12 says:

    Very pretty, but since I have limited funds I will be waiting for the Christmas pet again this year.

  6. bonesbongo says:

    Beautiful pet, I LOVE the PSI. I would love to be able to see the Northern Lights, pictures that I have seen are gorgeous. I am going to name my Northern Lights Moose Aurora and Rory. ~ shelkinz67

  7. frozenelsa5 says:

    I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, I heard there BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    There were four of these in the trading room yesterday. Love the colors. I am considering getting one.

  9. mfaull says:

    What a beautiful new pet!!

  10. ojibwa says:

    Wow – I love this moose! I’ve only seen the Northern Lights once, and I’ll never forget it.

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