Tulip Tuesdays are BACK – at both W Shop and Ganz eStore!

Enjoy fresh offers from Ganz eStore on Tulip Tuesdays — each Tuesday until April 28, 2020 in the Tulip Tuesdays section of both Ganz eStore and W Shop!


Be on the lookout for these NEW items:


March 17 – Spring Eggshell Hammock

March 24 – Spring Celebration Decorated Door

March 31 – Spring Celebration Truck


Find more Spring Celebration items in the Spring Celebration Section in Ganz eStore.


You may find Tulip Tuesdays available each each Tuesday at BOTH W-Shop and Ganz eStore until April 28, 2020!


22 Responses to Tulip Tuesdays are BACK – at both W Shop and Ganz eStore!

  1. zola45 says:

    Hey ganz will you please release the strawberry cloud leopard as a virtual pet we can buy for estore points in the W shop? :)

  2. Fireflies says:

    When I was playing scrambled, a weird thing happened. I was on level 9, and when I gave the omelette to the webkinz it showed a check mark on the order. The webkinz didn’t leave, and got sad. I lost a try and then the game broke. I had to quit because the remaining webkinz would have stood there forever. I started to film it after the first time it occurred.

    • Davids1lilpixie says:

      I’m not surprised. Every time I went into the arcade yesterday, sometimes when I first “entered” the arcade and sometimes in the middle of game, I got kicked out of the game all the way back to the sign in screen. Sigh, 6 different times, lol cause yes I’m that stubborn.

  3. BAMBI2010 says:

    I love the door! I had to sit in the reading room for 30 minutes to get the Leprechaun!!!!

  4. frankie98 says:

    The tulips will look cute with the “Fairykinz”

  5. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    Anyone suddenly having trouble with Webkinz? It either won’t load at all or either loads then immediately kicks you out. I still have some pet care hearts to fill and I haven’t done my daily deluxe activities yet.

    • mirforbjs says:

      Yes, none of my accounts are working!!

    • linee1 says:

      Yeah mine has been having difficulties logging in at all or it will let me in but when I try and click to go anywhere like the arcade or curio shop it won’t load.

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      It did this for me last night for awhile and started again a couple hours ago. I finally got a message that Webkinz was undergoing maintenance- hopefully it won’t last too much longer

    • KikiEvie says:

      Yes, said Clubhouse not available, then Daily and Arcade wouldn’t load, only thing that worked was getting into room, nothing else that I tried.

    • ghijkl789123 says:

      I’m having problems too. When I do finally get connected, everything is VERY SLOW! Need to find the little green guy!

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Yes, finding the leprechaun in time with all this super-lag is my concern too. I’m glad to know that it is not just me, but sad to think that after all of this event related waiting, we still might not finish this event due to circumstances beyond our control.

    • habibi24 says:

      I’m having trouble too. It must be too much on the servers with lots of users now stuck at home. I’m sure the Ganz team is working hard on keeping the site up.

    • monsterhighrules323 says:

      Hello Nicthewerecatqueen–I’ve had all kinds of problems with Webkinz for a few weeks now. It’s running kind of “jerky” and my mouse is on something to move and it moves something else, it’s hard to do school classes for the same reason. The games are acting weird, just not good. It was kind of alright for a couple days after maintenance, then right back to where it was. Very frustrating. I’m using Firefox and the desktop version.

  6. frankie98 says:

    That truck is pretty cute!

  7. kaye10 says:

    ok, you got me!! I RARELY fall for these cheesy holiday things, but that truck IS adorable! best, k.

  8. emster7 says:

    The truck and the door are my favorites!

  9. mochidochi says:

    That door is so cute!

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