Meet The Mayor At The Kinzville Park Today!


I’m so excited to meet you all at Kinzville Park starting today! From today – March 18 – until March 22, 2020 you can come and meet me to get a gift box that includes one of the random prizes shown below!


Be sure to come and see me! I’m here in the Park waiting for you!


See you soon!

So fab. So fun.


29 Responses to Meet The Mayor At The Kinzville Park Today!

  1. clarakaukonen says:

    I just needed one more of those barriers to complete my room :( bummer

  2. ecofriend137 says:

    Has anyone gotten 2 of the hat or the jersey? I got a gift box every day and I still didn’t get either of those :(

  3. grammarninja99 says:

    does anyone have an extra hotdog they could send my way?

  4. slayer0703 says:

    anybody else just get kicked out when trying to get into the park or a clubhouse with a message saying the clubhouse is closed and then you’re automatically taken back to the home page?? very frustrating. i couldn’t do the leprachaun because of the problem!!

    • bear10201 says:

      I had no problems getting in about an hour ago.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi @slayer0703. I’ve only noticed that problem when I click to open the Clubhouse or Park and then I go do something else while it loads. (like come over here to WKN and read the posts!) Then when I go back to the screen in WW, not only is it not loaded, I get the “Closed” message. But “closed” is clearly a relative term because if I try again right away, and stay there while it loads, it usually goes right through. Note to self: do not wander away in WW!

  5. KarenaJ says:

    Yeah the hot dog is a display item!! Now if I can only get a confetti floor tile! The hat is super cute matching the jersey & wouldn’t mind snagging a couple of the ribbon barriers too. Thank you Mayor Sophie!

  6. kadielle says:

    Confetti Floor Tile just what i was looking for!!

  7. babytwinkleavfk says:

    I really really hope i get some of the confetti and barriers :)

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