Webkinz Day 2019 at the eStore


We are celebrating the 14th Webkinz Day on April 29th, 2019!


From April 29-30, 2019, we will be offering some very special sales at the eStore! The number 14 will be celebrated with lots of fun discounts… But you will have to wait until Webkinz Day to see these extra special deals!


We hope to see you there and celebrate with us!



Also don’t forget, you can also celebrate Webkinz Day with the new Rainbow Mountain Pool. This stunning mountain pool is sure to give your pet endless hours of fun! One look and they‘ll want to dive right in!



You may find this Webkinz Day item and more at eStore!


4 Responses to Webkinz Day 2019 at the eStore

  1. loriv63 says:

    Estore NOT working – no way to speak with an actual person – what is the deal?

  2. PennyOpera says:

    I heard that the number *14* will be featured, quite a bit. I will be there bright and early to check things out.

  3. xxmgn says:

    Ooh i’m excited to see what cool deals and items will be up for Webkinz Day!

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