What’s inside the NEW 2017 FALL Super Mystery Bag??


Mystery Bags award random items ranging in size, from small to large, and functionality. Mystery Bags may also contain new Exclusive, Super Exclusive or RARE items not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery items to your dock!



Here’s a look at the RARE item that you may find in the 2017 FALL Super Mystery Bag:

Fall Harvest Cottage

Or, one of these Super Exclusive items may be found:

Fall Flair Bed

Autumn Leaves Chair


Or even one of these cute Exclusive items:

Fall Garden Gate

Fall Garden Fence

Fall Tree

Fall Flair Sofa

Fall Flair Chair

Fall Flair Curtains

Autumn Cornucopia Chair

Fall Picnic Bed

Autumn Climbing Tree

Fall Flair Dresser

Fall Flair Rug

Visit Ganz eStore for more details on the 2017 Fall Super Mystery Bag.

17 Responses to What’s inside the NEW 2017 FALL Super Mystery Bag??

  1. Dolphinlover55 says:

    I LOVE the Fall Harvest Cottage!!!!! Too bad I’m out of estore points :(

  2. yesman2therevenge says:

    Why is there a My Little Pony picture for the Fall Flair Chair?

  3. SpringBreeze says:

    The fall garden gate? IS this HEAVEN?

  4. emster7 says:

    I LOVE that climbing tree!

  5. DragonsLair1976 says:

    I really wish I had the money to buy these bags. I love the whole theme! It would be nice if they made it so you could buy these things with Kinzcash instead. :(

  6. puppies4me says:

    I REALLY like the fences. But I don’t have points to keep buy Mystery Bags and hope to get them. I wish they were part of the September sale.

  7. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I wish that I could do the mystery bags. I LOVE the fall harvest cottage, fall garden fence & gate, fall picnic bed & the fall flair sofa, chair & rug. Pittiesrule

  8. bubbashuka says:

    These things are all SO AWESOME!! :D

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