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    Welcome my Webkinz Friends! So glad you decided to stop by and most will be happy you did. I decided to start my very first forum. Is there an item you just want so bad? An item that seems so far out of reach, because no one will trade you for it? Or, you’re just too new to Webkinz and don’t have much? Well you’ve come to the right place!!! Your Fairy Godmother is here to help. I have lot’s of stuff and NO I will not be listing what I have (you couldn’t handle it) LOL. All you have to do is make your wish here and If I have It, you just MAY receive It. And yes, you can make more than one wish. And everyone is welcome, everyone has a clean slate here. Only payment that I ask for is a sincere Thank You. Warning: All ungrateful people will be put on a list. Thank you for stopping by and “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.”

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      I really need an in home bowling alley or a 2012 tourist van

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      I love the seed packets you can plant, but I don’t have any of the berry ones. does anyone have extra ones. I would be so grateful for some berries to plant. thank you, kaylia6

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        The berry seeds are not kinzpostable. I already tried just to see. Sorry. Is there anything else you are looking for?

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      Hi Becky! I’ve been looking for the mummy headwrap, a 2008 Halloween Holliday item. Do you happen to have it? UN is spikeythornedroses, you can add me if you like. Thanks so much!

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        I think that is the only Halloween head piece I don’t have. I have lot’s of the other parts of that costume just not the mask. Maybe someone will see you asking and me not having and they will send. And If they do I will send it to you. But in the mean time is there anything else your looking for?

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      Hey everyone, with the forum being so busy and with all the new items I have If everyone could re-post your wishes on the last page. Plus my new gift account is TheSurprise If you want to add to save time. Or If you don’t mind waiting on your gift I can transfer from one account to the next. And to let you know I have Halloween and Christmas PSI’s, Promo and Clothing. So If any of you had asked for any of those and I didn’t have, It is possible I have It now. Had fun checking out all the new items I have now : )

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      Hi again!! My sister says thank you so much!!! She loves the purple slide because it looks just like the one at our park. Also, Oh my gosh, how did you remember she wanted the pumpkin car?!?!?! She loves anything to do with Cinderella, and was so excited when I told her about this forum. Thank you for all you help!!!! We both really appreciate it!!! : D -wildafire

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