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      Hello everyone! I have two separate issues and I wasn’t sure where to address them, so I decided to post here: 1) I have had a “Party Loot Bag” stuck in my dock for quite a long time now. It does not open when I attempt to drop it into my room, and I also cannot sell it. 2) I recently received the “Growing Garden Celery Seeds” a few times from the Wheel of Wow. I planted some of my seeds and I have had no issues planting and harvesting the celery. However, when I attempt to sell my remaining seeds, I get a message “No item data for 1563245283″ and I am immediately logged out. Any help with either issue would be appreciated! Thank you!

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        Hello, long timer of webkinz – the first sounds like a doc glitch – i know this sounds strange, but try resetting your password to see if your account re-freshes in their servers. that’ll bring up your information quickly and any bugs your account may be having their malware can pick up on sooner. as for your second problem, it seems like the creators must have changed the code for the product. i’d say you now own a rare item! lol trading items like that can still work, i’d just have them and plant them myself… hope any of this can shine light on your situations!

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      I don’t know if I’ll get an answer, but I want to try. So I know that Amazing Hamsters can be adopted as pets in Webkinz, but if I have a Nakamas new with tag can I get the pet or Amazing World version of it in Webkinz? Just asking before making a purchase decision.

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      I recently bought a Webkinz Jr. pink puppy plush without realizing it isn’t compatible with Webkinz Classic, I saw online that it may be possible to contact support to receive a classic code instead. However I’m not sure how true that is, is there anything I can do? Do I just discuss this with the support team?

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