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    If you need the PAWfect pet name come here. Tell me your pet’s name, gender, type of pet and I will get back to you as soon as I can!!!

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      Ok so ignore the comment about the adoption center. i wrote that one or two days ago and they just put it up, so.

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      Hey Dapple! I love all of those names. especially Samantha! i have a dog named that.

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      Yay!!!! So happy for you angel!!! Could you send me it’s PSF. I love wolves and foxes!!!!!~chillylily

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      Guess what? I got a new signature fox!

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      Hey Guys. I am really upset. I can’t get to the adoption center to adopt my new signature fox! It says that it can not connect to Webkinz World, try again later. I am so upset. What do I do???

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