Anyone else NOT get their christmas santakinz gift?

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    I know I made my wish for the pink horse and i havent got my gift. Anyone else not get theirs? does anyone know if there Is there anyway to get it or no? just wondering.

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      Hello guys I am August from August’s Advice and Answers. I would contact Ganz by phone or E-mail during their business hours. It seems to be a glitch you should contact Ganz they will ask for your account info, and what you wanted in the gift box. Also please tell them that other people didn’t get the gift box either. You may have had to log into your account on Christmas Day which I know some people can’t. But you may have to log in on Christmas. But if you did log in on Christmas and didn’t get one contact Ganz by phone or E-mail. Hope this helps N1. \ / Ps. If any of you are in kinzchat plus and need further information about this I play on a Peridot Gem Dog named August which is a light green color.

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      Me too! But my sis got it which was werid.

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      Same here. I signed in, got the notice but no gift. :( I’ve tried everything but as of right now, I’ve got no gift and two very disappointed little girls.

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      I made a wish for the zingo and when i signed in I saw the message saying to check my dock for gift box that was supposed to have the gift in it, but it never showed up in my dock. I didn’t get my Christmas gift from webkinz :(

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      I haven’t got my gift either! When I first logged in, a pop up said I got the gift, but when it finally finished loading webkinz world, it didn’t show up. I checked several times today, just in case Ganz fixed the glitch, but still haven’t received it.

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        I got mine. I think it was just a mix up. There are lots of kids playing on webkinz. So it is hard to get all the presents to all the kids. And besides maybe some kid got two presents from santakinz .you never know.

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