Anyone else NOT get their christmas santakinz gift?

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    I know I made my wish for the pink horse and i havent got my gift. Anyone else not get theirs? does anyone know if there Is there anyway to get it or no? just wondering.

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      I didn’t get my. :( What about u? :P

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      OK. So how do u ask webkinz about it? And is it just too late to fix? We tried to call some number we had for webkinz but it does not give u a way to talk to anyone. Its just a recorded message. So IdK what to do. :(

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      Well not exactly the same situation but I tried to sit on santakinz lap and it didn’t work!:( readyornotbybrittnicole

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      I did sign in on Christmas day so did other family members everyone got theirs but I did not. I do not know webkinz email. You cant call them because they never answer anymore. they only have some recording. i dont know how to talk to them.,

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