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    Charm tiara or vampires dress and veil? I really need them please reply thanks <3 alpineleopard :D

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      i have all that stuff .You can friend request me if you want my user name is chia315.

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      Do you think you could post a list alpineleopard? I would love to see what your offer would be for charm tiara! PLMK thanks! :)

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      Heya guys Narnian sorry I didn’t see you much yesterday my schedule was just blah XD and yes i’m back at the forums! Btw what do you need for the dress it’s so pretty!

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      Hey Alpine!! I have Vampire dress if you still need it. I will most likely see you on webkinz before you read this and we can trade then xD Lots of Hugz ~Narnian100~

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      Ooooh yah ur back! >^-^<

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