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    Charm tiara or vampires dress and veil? I really need them please reply thanks <3 alpineleopard :D

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      I also have too signature psi, The Howling Ridge (sig Timber Wolf) and the Alps Rescue Station (Signature Bernese Mountain dog) just let me know if anything interests anyone

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        Sorry about the way I spelled two i’m used to kinz chat plus XD

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      My trading list is…. Priceless: Wings, Cat Shirt, Antlers, Promo: Enchanted Elven Organ, Tyrannical Rex Slide, Rainbow Fountain of Wow, White Knight Helmet and top, Estore Psi: Ferris Wheel Lamp (Carousel Horse), Aquamarine Dresser (Aquamarine pup), Mach Speed Flight Pants (Sugar Glider), Psi Clothes: Sugarplum princess dress (Sugarplum Cheeky Monkey), Webkinz Beauty Dress (Pretty Panda), Pizzazzy Puppy Dress, Pom Pom kitty Dress and Shoes, Rockerz Lion Leather Jacket, and much much more :)

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        Hey! I have the charm tiara! Would you be willing to trade the cat shirt or antlers for it? PLMK, thanks! ~LT~

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