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    Hi guys! I have a hippo hat for trade. Does anyone need it and want to make an offer?

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      Thanks for trading with me, and so sorry about taking so long, my computer was going slow, my comments weren’t posting when I entered, my keyboard uses a sensor and wasn’t aiming at it so it was typing bad, and I kept freezing. So sorry and thanks so much. You’re an amazing friend. JesusismyLord

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      JesusismyLord, I’m so sorry that I’m just getting back to you now! I’ve been so busy with school lately. Could we trade over kinzpost? Sorry again! ~~bbbbbb :)

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        SO sorry I should have checked this, but I lost the forum. I will trade you through kinzpost, what would you like for it? I’ve been very busy too, I hope you’ll still trade me. I’ll try to check this page more often, I put a bookmark so I can find it anytime I need to. So sorry for getting back to you late, :roll: :oops: :lol: ;) Your friend JesusismyLord. (by the way, you’re fine, school gets in my way too)

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      Cool! I sent you a friend request, and my user is ktt08. Meet me when you can! I can do Kinzchat or Kinzchat Plus :D

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        ok so I’ll be on anytime you schedule, except possibly this afternoon or evening, and tomorrow evening. would you want me to trade with you through kinzpost (mail) ? Sorry for finding this forum again so late, I hope you’ll still trade with me. Your friend, JesusismyLord :D ;) :P

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      Do any of you have the username True2MyWord1? I got a friend request from someone with that user.

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        ok here are my offers: I have these pieces of cave explorer from estore (yes they’re tradeable) hat, shirt, skirt, girl’s shoes, boy’s shoes,/ the pink diving bell bottoms and helmet (also tradeable from estore) rare Elegant Victorian fountain and neo gothic nightstand. a fantasy coach super bed (this is a mega bed which is what they were called before super beds, that’s how old it is ;) ) a hover sleigh, your pet can ride on it and it floats over the ground, it’s a Christmas item from 2011-2012 or something like that. also quite a few older halloween items if you’re interested I’ll list them all. Thanks ! :) (also, I’ll keep a look out for the items on your wish list, my sister or cousin might have one of them) also, send me a request, unlewss I find your user on the first page and send you one, I’m JesusismyLord on webkinz.

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        Yeah, the person called True2MyWord1, is that person!

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      I’m interested! I have neo gothic nightstand if you’re interested. I also have elegant Victorian fountain. (these are both rare)

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