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    Ok, before I start I have to say I am not trying to be rude in any way its my opinion on this signature situation. First of this problem wasn’t a issue in the beginning. It was calling and emailing Ganz. Then people started budding heads about the problem. People who made a big deal about it were saying #savethesigs and whining about signatures leaving and how the new webkinz are “babyish”. Then people who dont care as much are explaining how webkinz weren’t created for preteens and teens. Then the people who care start screaming and yelling at the other people. Then drama starts. Later on people got more angry because they didn’t get a signature black wolf! People let out a lot of this angry in October when the signature moose came out, they were saying its not cute, who even wanted a moose, or what does a moose have to do with October a signature black wolf is better for October. Some of you guys need to understand you won’t always get what you want the moose represents a nation! But people who don’t care as much don’t act like its not important. I’m not trying to be mean to anyone I’m just saying my opinion.

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      I get your point…!!!

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      I Totally agree with you zebb5!!!!!

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      Ouch! That hurt. You see I see both sides. SnowflakePup’s and everyone elses. Signatures have good things about them and bad. Same with the regulars. I think everyone needs to calm down a bit too. I still want the signature orange tabby, but i am looking forward to a change. Maybe ganz will come out with some even better webkinz i the future. This is my opinion-Atom

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      I can understand that pulling signatures could have been a beneficial business move, but I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Don’t get me wrong, I love my signatures and my Endangered Red Panda is one of my all time favorite Webkinz, and I’m sure he’s thrilled that he doesn’t have to worry about passing the torch on to any other pet soon. I’m actually kind of pleased with the passing on of signatures. Truth be told, whenever they were grouped with my other pets, they stuck out like a sore thumb. A cute sore thumb, but nonetheless, it was hard to truly find that balance because these pets were just so well made (and realistic!). Sometimes I worry that signatures aren’t as soft and cuddly as regular pets, but all I have to do is pick up my Spotted Leopard. Boy is he soft! Not even the fur on my Signature Panda can best his spotted coat. In addition, I like the point you made about not getting a signature black wolf. I’m happy that we even got a regular black wolf, and personally I think the cartoonish, simplistic look of regular webkinz are far more adorable than signatures. I’ve been playing before signatures were released and there was no feeling better than spotting a webkinz on the street. Regular webkinz just have this look that screams webkinz. Signatures, on the other hand, are a little hard to pick out from other stuffed animals. Besides all pets practically look the same online, just a little different shading. I’m just saying.

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      I agree.

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