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    Wishlist: Adventure park: Coral Jewelry Box, Jellyfish table lamp, Rafi Plush toy, Sera plush toy, Seashell shoes, seaweed skirt, Stratsopheric teapot, Blooming tree. Clubhouse: Big city backpack, Makeup bag, Stylish city dress, toy lizard.Games: Yoga ball bed. Magical Forest: Charmed Dress. Rares: Viscountess Vanity Table and Chair, magic maiden Mirror, Mad Hatter Tea Table, Magic Elixer Table, Eat me cake table. Random Plushies: Webkinz Foundation Bear, Valentine’s Tubby Tummies bear, Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear, Any Christmas Plush. I really want Adventure Park items, and my trade list will be up when this posts

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      Hi cuddlyfur, I have most of what you need. Would you like to meet in Trading room this evening? My username is cruisingal. Please friend me. Thanks!

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        What items do you have? I could meet you tonight around 6ish maybe. I will friend you as soon as I get on.

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      Hi cuddlyfur, i really want your diamond piano if you still have it. I have the charmed dress if you havent gotten it already and some other psi and clothing. PLMK soon!-calitigertuxedo

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        I still have my diamond piano! I am interested in the Candy googles PSI and Chi chi Chihuahua PSI. What do you have?

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          Hi! I am interested in it too I have leaping dolphin fountain, fragrant flower bed, ski lodge fireplace, google scrying pond, brilliant hibiscus chair, shaggy yorkie couch, lucky horseshoe fireplace, pretty poodle vanity, far north sleigh, and arctic window. LMK -hklover628

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