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    I think webkinz should have webkinz plush pets called Webkinz Newbornz. They could be soft, cuddly, & so adorable! They will look exactly like newborn animals, and they will be very cute! I have had this idea for a few years now and I hope it comes true! I really like this idea of mine and I hope you do too! Please tell me what you think of my idea! Thank you!

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      Good idea, but isn’t that what webkinz jr. already is?

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        Thank you! Well, webkinz jr pets don’t look too life-like. Webkinz Newbornz will look EXACTLY like newborn animals and they will also look very life-like. Webkinz Newbornz will look very similar to the webkinz Signature pets, but the Newbornz will look a lot more like newborn animals, and they will have their own special items and cute stuff. And you will have to feed them a bottle and feed them baby food or something like that, and they can sleep in a crib, and they can wear baby clothes too. Or maybe webkinz Newbornz could just be a special secret code thing you have to buy & when you enter the code on webkinz world, your webkinz pet could have a baby!…A unique newborn virtual webkinz pet!

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      4millie4, thank you so much! You are so sweet! knie6, why don’t you like my idea?

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      I am really sorry but I really don’t like it!

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      Thats a fantastic idea!

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      I like that idea! I also think they should do that!!!

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