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    I think webkinz should have webkinz plush pets called Webkinz Newbornz. They could be soft, cuddly, & so adorable! They will look exactly like newborn animals, and they will be very cute! I have had this idea for a few years now and I hope it comes true! I really like this idea of mine and I hope you do too! Please tell me what you think of my idea! Thank you!

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      that’s an awesome idea. I really like it. very cool.

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      Hey it’s me Redgreen again i used to post here all the time but i can’t find my ideas i gotta go

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      I think it’s creative and would be fun! They’d be like baby signatures! Haha. But I love the idea, it’s fun! :) I’d definitely buy a foal or baby kitten!!! >^..^< Stealthstorm of ThunderClan

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        Thank you very much!! I am super glad you all love my idea!! It really means a lot to me! You all are so nice! And yeah, exactly!…They would be like baby signatures! That’s great! It’ll be so awesome!!!

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      I still think the idea is awesome, but it would be kind of weird that our webkinz pets would have a baby. But that’s just my opinon…

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        I’m so glad you like my idea! Thank you! Yeah you are right, we would have a use for the nursery theme! It would be great! I would get a chihuahua too! They’re so adorable! And yes, it would be kind of weird that our webkinz pets would have a baby. So I don’t really know about that. And it does seem like Ganz wouldn’t allow that. Oh well. It would be kind of awesome, though! I’m still thinking on some ideas…

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        they would still be adopted rescues, but just baby ones. they had little kinz before, but i think she wants even littler ones. very sweet idea, they could have extra big eyes and eat baby foods too. think of all the baby clothes and toys and stuff at the Wstore. i like her idea

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      That is an adorable idea! And then we would have a use for the nursery theme! I think they should have made your pet be able to sleep in the crib, it just doesn’t make any sense! But that would be an adorable idea! I would get a chihuahua!

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