Does anyone still need zodiac clothing?

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    I have plenty of extra. I’m trying to free up some space. So if you need any pieces to complete outfits, let me know. I will send them to you.

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      I don’t have any and don’t even know what they are…let me know what you know!

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        Hi Crissy. Zodiac clothes are 4 pieces outfits. They have Fire, Water, Air, and Earth outfits.

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          Thank you for the fire outfit! I looked in my dock and I have the Earth outfit. I guess I got it in a challenge or something….but Thanks for the Fire Outfit! Let me know if you need anything-

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            You’re welcome. I will send you pieces to finish as many outfits as I can. I don’t need anything in return. MORHB

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      I need a air top and shoes if you have any thanks <3 alpineleopard

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      Ok, Just let me know what he has, I will make a list of what he still needs and start sending tomorrow. I will send a FR right now.

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      hey morhb, my brother needs some pieces. he is horseshoe315. I will make a list of what he has. he will be really excited to get some. he has….

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        he has: earth shoes, air bottom, and I guess that’s it. I thought he had more but I guess not. it would be great if you could send him stuff to at least finish those. LMK if you need anything and I will send it to you if i have it.

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      Im in need of full air air and water zodiac plz.

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        I don’t know Abi. I think they are still trading them in the TR, try there.

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