Does anyone still need zodiac clothing?

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    I have plenty of extra. I’m trying to free up some space. So if you need any pieces to complete outfits, let me know. I will send them to you.

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      Thanks so much Morhb do you want anything in return?

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        I listed a couple things earlier, but again not necessary. Like I said, I was just trying to clear out some stuff to make room for new items. Enjoy.

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          hey I would send you some of those but Im not deluxe lol. he was so surprised thank you again.

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            NP. Please remind him that he doesn’t need to send anything in return, if he doesn’t want to. Hope he likes them.

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              he loves it and doesn’t know I asked you to send it. he thinks a random friend is sending him random gifts. lol :)

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      I sent FR’s to Crissy, Sugar and Cutie. As soon as they get accepted, I will sent Cutie their items and will start with Sugar’s list. Sent 3 items to Forests brother. I am giving these for free, but if someone wants to send something in return, I am looking for a few of the new deluxe clothing in kinzstyle. Breezy Motorcycle Jacket, Spring Running Jacket, Spring Sparkle Dress, Red Striped Fedora and Raindrop Raincoat. Thanks for any help with these, but again, not necessary. MORHB

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      Hi, I need the water shoes, air shoes, and the fire shirt. Thx so much!

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      Hi, guys! I would like air shoes and bottom, and water hat, if you can spare it! :) Thank you.

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      Hi, I need the water shoes, fire shirt, and the air shoes. if you have any of them thanks so much!

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        @ sugar 967 and Cutieny – I have the clothes you asked for and I am holding them, but still have not had FR approved. Please let me know if you changed your mind. I have others that are interested. Thanks.

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