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    Tell me what your favorite season is, why, and your webkinz world username. At the end of Webkinz’s Winterfest I will pick three winners. I think it ends on January 15th? Well, each winner will receive a gift having to do with their favorite season. ~KR2000~

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      Hi, thanks for holding this contest! My favorite season would have to be Spring because my birthday is in the Spring, and also it is a time when most flowers bloom, and the air is filled with wonderful smells. My Webkinz username is v15d. Thanks again, and have a nice day! Trader101

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      I love summer because my birthday is in it! It has summer break in it for 2 months. I like swimming especially when it’s really hot. I like it when it rains because it feels so refreshing! and that’s the reasons i love summer. My user is hklover628 ^_^

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      I like Winter and Summer they are my favorite seasons. I love the snow and I love the Summer since its my Birthday and no school! They are fun we get to use our boat on the lake and use our camper to go camping. its super fun. We also go to the beach which is amazing because my family goes wth our cousins. We always have the best of time with each other. Thanks for having this contest! Thanks so much -N1-.

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      Hi! :D I love Winter because I like the cold( even though it doesn’t get very cold where I live and it doesn’t snow ), Christmas is my favorite time of year, my music school does Christmas concerts at the mall’s center stage( it’s really fun ), I love seeing the city lights, decorating the house for Christmas, spending time with family and friends, then on New Year’s Eve, I always tune in to PBS, and enjoy watching the New York Philharmonic’s New Year’s Eve Concert, afterwards I like to watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square on tv, and finally, New Year’s Eve is the only time of year that I’m allowed to stay awake until midnight and welcome in the new year. :) Also, I love Winterfest. :D I look forward to it every year. My webkinz username is VBS123 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D~SC

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      Hi! My favorite season is well any season each season has a special feel to it! I live on a farm so, the spring all our animals have babies, and you just feel good. Summer the storms, the way the before the storms, the air feels so clean! And the grass freshly mowed, doesn’t get much better than that! Fall all the cats climbing our bales, the air crisp & cool, it really is a sensational feeling! Winter, the snow freshly fallen the animals playing in it, our dog chasing us around acting like a snow monster. I love all seasons! Happy New Years!!!!!!

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