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    Tell me what your favorite season is, why, and your webkinz world username. At the end of Webkinz’s Winterfest I will pick three winners. I think it ends on January 15th? Well, each winner will receive a gift having to do with their favorite season. ~KR2000~

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      Hi! I would have to say my fave season would be winter! I just love the snow and sledding down hills! I love to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on cold mornings and staying in my pajamas all day! My very fave part of winter has to be Christmas tho! I love to celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus birthday! I also love putting up the Christmas tree and looking at all the lights! I love the whole season because everyone to so kind and giving and it makes my heart feel warm inside. :) My user is kbk100

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      Autumn, I love the feel, the look, and the air. It is the most lovely time of year *daydreams of fall*

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      I enjoy winter, for some strange unknown reason. Its not an obvious thing that stands out a mile away. I personally think that’s why winter is so special. The little things, we do every year. Like hot chocolate on snowy days, and snow angels. And of course, we could never forget Christmas! Again, I think its the little things that make Christmas so special. Maybe it’s the presents and jolly ol’ saint Nick, but honestly, I don’t think so. It’s that everyone’s a bit nicer, and those quirky little traditions that mean so much. And how Christmas never really starts until we light are candles in church on Christmas eve. Or maybe putting the star atop the tree. Those things are so special to us, but when I think of Christmas. I can’t honestly say that’s what comes to mind, until we take a step back. Winter is also home to Valentines Day, my parents wedding day (like 16 years ago :) ). All those valentine cards that showcase silly animals and princess’s. That are so special to us….., Again, I don’t really know that there’s one reason we can point out until we take a step back. It’s a time when are class bully gives us a silly card with a Hershey Kiss attached. For one day, your special to everyone. Whether you every remember it again, nothing, nothing can match the feeling of being needed, wanted. Valentines Day does that in so many ways. Even if just for one day. Until you find the true light of Christmas and Valentines Day and every other day , I don’t know if you can ever truly feel that. Never the less, those days are SO important to us. Oh and we can’t forget filling out Valentines cards till our hands cramp, and out fingers blister Plus you can’t forget all the cool activities on webkinz, and snow days! Let us not forget about snow days! The steaming hot cocoa, and a roaring fireplace while we warm up. Mainly due to the fact we all pound each other with snowballs till we can’t feel our feet. Well, I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about winter, but I won’t. Its special because of all these little things we don’t realize till we step back and take a good look for our self. I hope you take my essay in to consideration, and even if I don’t win I’m still glad I entered. As, it surely made me take I look back on my thirteen years of life, and truly discern what is important to me. I hope you had a Merry Christmas (my favorite holiday, I almost forgot to mention about that Christmas Movie we’ve watched EVERY year since we were four. You know what I mean!) ~designergirl101

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        Oh I almost forgot my user name is boxcarchild. I wish I mentioned new years too, but then I would have had you reading till next year! :)

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        I know exactly what you mean by watching the same Christmas movie that we have watched since age four. Except we have three that we watch EVERY year.

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      My favorite season would have to be fall. I love the beautiful swirl of reds, yellows, and browns that accompany the transition between summer and winter. The oversized sweaters and colorful piles of leaves are enough to brighten anyone’s spirit. Fall also brings us that one day of the year where you can dress up like non-existent creatures and actually eat candy that strangers give you. It also brings a day of thanks, friendship, and pumpkin pie! The cool crisp air is also a nice change from the hot, humid air of summer. Fall is a wonderful time full of festivities and bright memories that we will cherish forever. username- eagleauburn95 Thanks!

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      I adore winter! I was born on the first day if winter. I love being near my family drinking hot chocolate and staying warn near the fire place. I also love seeing bunnies hop in the snow, and playing with my friends in the snow. I love the feeling u get when u hear its a snow day. The fresh fallen snow is so beautiful. I love the snow flakes falling and seeing people try to catch them. Winter means so much to me,nits like its apart of me. My user name is Zebb5 than is for having this contest

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